I Talk to the Trees…and to the animals… and to myself

Ever since I can remember I’ve connected to nature and animals better than people. I was a tree climber from a young age.

We had the tallest tree in town. It was a huge spruce. I remember climbing it nearly to the top and looking to the horizon around the small prairie town I called home. No fear, just wonder.

I believe nature and animals are touched with the divine as humans are. And I love to connect with Spirit in nature.

So I talk to trees, animals and sometimes to my furniture, computer and car.

Oh, and I talk to myself often.

But don’t we all carry on internal dialogues?

And isn’t that one of the beauties of writing?

Exposing internal dialogues.

Getting into the head of the character we are creating.

Hoping our readers connect and engage with our characters.

To be honest I’m relieved my internal dialogue is hidden from others most of the time. But I also love to share my deepest feelings, fears, hopes and dreams with those I love.

And that includes trees, animals and sometimes my furniture, computer and car.

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