Furry Guardian Angels

Rough Collies – made famous by authors Eric Knight (Lassie)  Albert Payson Terhune (Lad) are, to me and my family the best property, farm and family dogs.

Over the course of 20+ years we had four.

They truly are “furry guardian angels”.

Rory, a blue merle rough collie is featured in my book, Anna Wells and the Mystery of the Dusty Duchess

In fact he’s mentioned in the opening few paragraphs:


“Grounded? Why?” 

I stop dead in my tracks halfway down the hall to my room and whip my head around for maximum effect. My blond ponytail whacks me in the eye.

“You were supposed to babysit Ellen, not go on a trail ride with Lavina.” 

Mom’s calm voice annoys me when I’m in trouble.

“We only rode down the hill and back, and we were gone less than ten minutes.” I slap my arms down at my sides in frustration. “Rory stayed in the tack room with her.” 

“A dog is not a suitable guardian for a five-year-old.” Mom places her hands on her hips.

“Collies are famous for their instinctive protective nature, and Rory would never let anything happen to Lady Ellen.” I emphasize the word Lady to make the point of what a spoiled brat she is. Why did my parents have to have another kid when I was eight? Weren’t two boys and a girl enough for one family? It’s like they waited for me to start school and then deliberately replaced me.


Rory truly is a Furry Guardian Angel, just like all our collies were.


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